This is where you'll find fiber art with a spin! Hello Purl is the collaboration of two very fun fiber artist, Melissa Bohrtz & Jessie Nordholm. We love working with fiber in dyeing, carding, spinning, knitting and felting. We met at our local spinning guild and decided to start a fiber arts business, because fiber arts is what we love to do. Just give us some fiber and we'll put our spin on it!

Melissa is a mother to two handsome little boys and a wife to a wonderful and supportive husband. She has a very friendly cat and two fiber producing rabbits. Blending fiber is her passion and loves to mix a variety of fibers on her drum carder and handmade blending board. Melissa loves spinning textured art yarn and will rarely find her knitting on needles smaller then 10.

Jessie loves to dye any kind of fiber that is thrown at her. She is passionate about creating colorways that are both fun and beautiful. She loves to spin, knit, camping, just being outdoors and believe it or not, washing wool. Jessie lives with her husband, baby boy, dog and angora rabbit.

Credit for our business name Hello Purl goes to Melissa's then two year old for his cuteness and direction. One day when sitting on the couch knitting a handbag Melissa's little guy came up and asked, "What's that?" Since she was knitting in stockinette stitch (and was on the purl side) she said that is a purl. Then her little guy replied, "Oh Hello." she laughed and asked him if he was saying hello to the purl and he said yeah. She though that was so cute she just had to use Hello Purl for a blog name. A few months later when Jessie and Melissa decided to open an online shop they thought it would be a good idea to keep the same name for their business.